2012 in review

Merci WordPress , merci les lecteurs ! Meilleurs voeux !!!

Thank’s everybody ! Happy New Year !

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Merci pour cette fabuleuse première année , On vous aime

Thank you for this marvelous year, love you !!


En-tête !

Bonjour bonjour,

Vous avez pu remarquer que nous avons changé l’en-tête !Si cela vous plait, ou si vous préfériez l’autre version (ci-dessous) faites le nous savoir :)!!

Hey !

You can see that we change the top of our page, which one you prefer, between the new one and the last one ( under it) ? Hope that you like !


Des bisous en ces jours de fêtes !

XOXO on these lovely days of christmas and New Year!


In English #5 : Mais encore #4 : Couleurs

Hiii ! Whith this smiling weather I would like to post some pictures about our garden and the new asian multicolors banner : it chase away the bad ghosts !

The wind, the sun and the trees make a wonderful aspect !

In addition of the spiritual things, if you ad more banner you can define an area whimiscally ! And put the smile back on each faces !

Between natural curiosity and colors : Look !

I don’t for you, but for me this banner make me happyy and peacefull !! It give « punch » daily !!

Too see these wonderful colors click!!

kiss !!!!! xoxo


In English #4 : Mais encore #3 Beauregard, Fleurie

Here you see some pictures about one of our afternoon at the « Loiret » , Beauregard’s garden !! A part of the garden of the castle was made color by color, wonderful  !









And MIX !

you want to see the pictures ? Of course, click here !!

Enjoy your week-end with all of these colors !



In English #3 : Yummy :) #2: Cookies!

A sweety afternoon like we adore 🙂

Each holidays we say :  » This year I go on a diet, to be so cute on the beach !  » But who hang on it ?? Me and my twin we know that a diet is composed of : salad, vegetables…chocolate…cake… STOP ! We wander. 😉

So, our cookies are really easy and delicious (modesty you said ?? :P).

We need for1 15 cookies :

  • 80g Flour
  • 70g Brown sugar (or superfine sugar)
  • 60g Butter
  • 100g of differents chocolate ( white, milch etc.)
  • 1 egg
  • 1 vanilla bean
  • nuts, M’n’Ms or what you want (falcutative)


Mix the flour, the brown sugar, and the vanilla bean together.

Then ad creamed butter (soft) and egg yolk.

Beat the eggwhites until stiff, ad into the mixture.

Finally ad chocolate, nuts etc. 😀

Bake at 160°C ( 320°F or thermostat 4 ) during 10-12 min

It is look goof hum ? :p Hope to you like our cookines 😀

To see the pictures go in french



In English#2 : Mais encore… #2: Attention au train! (épisode 3)

To finish this serie : Warning train ( In french : Attention au train ), some pictures, discoveries, details, of this little old environnement…

( pictures on french article)

The sunlight wasn’t with us at this moment !!

A little butterfly which combin to the flower’s color, isnt it so cute ?

Me, I adore… Maybe these pictures aren’t really interresting but it is allready beautiful, the different metal’s shades

Hav’ a good day !!


In English #1: mode […]#7

Hi everybody !

Here the continuation of the pictures of this little afternoon, with an aleatory weather! 🙂 After have juggle between raindrop and an interlude at the park, we  arrived at the railroad !! I really adore these places, between the symbol of industrialization and nature! And when the sun is shinnig we want to lying on field, looking the butterfly or the rabit :)! That’s benefit of summer and these longs hollidays !

Between sales and little girl shirt, my clothes isn’t in harmony with the setting but with the park yes ! So i post one picture but it is really blurred :/ ! For the rest, I had a little bit modify the contrast but JUST IT !! I hadn’t modify themselves ! Look my legs :p !! But it is a hard debate that I mention here ^^!

To see pictures go in french

Shirt & short – Zara

Belt  – C&A

Ballerina – Kling

Watch – Swatch

Bracelet was a present

When we were taking pictures, we thought about the circus and some movie like Water for elephants or Big Fish , we love these movies !

Ps : I just want tell girls who whant to buy Kling’s shoes, I wear it 3 time (and after rain) she was in a sorry state !!

Have good time !!